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The Designer and Owner

Mark H. Beierle


Mark Beierle has a very unique background of aircraft design.

Mark took his first airplane ride at the age of 5, his first flying lesson at 12, he soloed his first airplane at 16, and received his private pilots license at age 17 with over 200 hours of logged flying time.  He financed his lessons and his interest in aviation by building and testing radio-controlled airplanes for the publication Radio Control News. This helped finance his first airplane, a 1946 Taylor Craft, which he modified for aerobatics.



He then became self-employed and broadened his experience at the controls of a variety of airplanes which he flew and worked on. He restored antique aircraft for others, occasionally doing custom alterations and modifications. During this same time he developed and tested models of his own design which he marketed kits and plans for.  In addition to self-employment he worked many years for aircraft companies such as Teledyne Ryan and General Dynamics, Marketing Aids, and Matrix. He headed and worked on projects such as building models for wind tunnel testing, the cruise missiles, and radar and computer equipment.

As a tool and die maker, Mark learned to work with his hands.  Mark began building his own designed light aircraft when he became discouraged with the unsafe ultralight/light airplanes that were on the market. His first prototypes were more advanced than many of the "state of the art" aircraft that were available at that time.  Mark's aircraft have continuously been a leader in the ultralight/light aircraft market and his current model is the trend of the future.  

Mark's in-depth experience and interest in aviation has resulted in quality aircraft that are practical and fun to fly; which today's pilots and beginners are proud to own.

Mark at age 23


What's Mark designing now?


    Mark at age 23